Last Sorrow


Silent Speech

Who Me

Mad Professor

Ancient Greece

Mind of God


Glass Shroud

Through the Window

Nothing to Say

Broken Face of the Turtle

Listening to Jazz

Prime Time

Late Night

Evolution from Nothing

Abstraction of Character


Dreading the Future

Two Faces of Time

Shamonic Elder

Nude Torso

Rain Man

Ruff Morning

Call for Help

Sore Loser

Planet of the Apes

Vomiting the Disgrace of the World

Man in the Moon

Self Portrait

Ghost Dance

Contemplating the Shadows

Blue Man

Bad Attitude

Pathos of Duplicity


African Queen

Civil War Ghost

Winning the Game

Last Cigarette

The Big Idea

The Cold Shoulder

Don't Even Bother

Winter Ibex


The Promise of Youth

Tossing the World Out to Sea

Lying to Me

Kennedy's Ghost

Sleeping Through the Chaos

Spanning the Chasm

No Where to Hide

Political Blunder

Deconstructed Runner

Anticipating the Moon

Born of the Sea

Begging for Forgiveness

First Olympics

Circle of Time

Fading Anger

Roman Soldier

Rage of the Master

Boy and his Horse

Beneath the Skin