Jeff goes for a Walk

Strong Man

Falling Column

iMan goes on a Date

Wait of the World

Big Red Fish

The Mask

Red Serpent

Threaded Needle

Copper Fish

Cloud Lantern

Copper Sconce

Cross Cut


Close-Up of Hunter

Catchers Mitt

Twisted Wind

Ceiling Lantern

Wind Harp at BWAC

Wind Harp Close-Up

Rising Sun

Risind Sun, side view

Leaning Slice of the Moon

Yellow Screen

Steel and Spring Rain

Spring Rain

Ice Light III

Snow Piled Cymbal

Cross Cut 3 at Sculptor's Dominion'

Cross Cut 3 Landscape

Steel Torch 1 at Sculptor's Dominion'

Snow Crane 1

War and Peace

Full Moon Rising

Water's Edge'


Chariot to the Sun

Chariot to the Sun

Chariot to the Sun

Chariot to the Sun

Ancient Wisdom

Gallery View

Decline of Civilization I

Proposal of the Drunken Poet

Cell of Confusion

Spring Spawn

Tide of the Serpent

Broken World Hurting Planet

Spring Spawn, close up

Politics as Usual

Decline of Civilization II

Fossil of the Blue Fish

Descent into Chaos

Rising Sun

Fossil of the Blue Eyed Fish

bau Post Card, Solo Show '08'

Proposal of the Drunken Poet

String Theory

The Cage

The Puppet Show Continues

Good Night Kiss

Gang Leader

Long Face

Captain Jack

Child Left Behind

Grasping the Wisdom of the Ages

Rings of Saturn

Rings of Saturn

Collapse of Civilization 1

Collapse of Civilization 2


Paint Pan, 2008

Subconscious Mind

Stopping Time

Clearing a Path

Linear String Construction

Proposal of the Drunken Poet

Edge of Decision

Suspension of Time

String Theory

Dragon Fly

The Cage



Center of the Universe

Gallery View July 2009

Wings of Victory and Black Hole

Cow, Balance of Time and Captured

Man in the Moon

Canoe Project

Canoe Close Up 1

Canoe Close Up 2

Inner Core

Red Fish 2

Balanced State

Cell of Confusion

Homage to John

Will to Live

Ancient Technology

Finding Ones's Place

Heiress the Archer

Choosing the Light



Solar Spiral

Warrior Myth

Progression of the Lying

BAU, September 2009

Ice Frame


Crushed World

Trapped Under the Ice

Crush Horn

Spring Flight

Winter Ralley

Melting Glacier


Time Span

Essential Spring

Big Bang

Wandering Herd

Kicked in the Head II

Radar Installed

Heiress the Archer Installed

String of Time

Finding One's Place

Moon Walker

Moon Walker and Center of the Universe

bau in Chelsea

Trapped Under the Ice I

Leeward Side

July 2009

Trapped Under the Ice II

Trapped Front View

Trapped Rear View

Trapped Left View

Faster Than the Speed of Light

Inner Strength

Inner Strength Close Up

String Theory

Spring Equinox

Child Left Behind

Alvin Ailey

Tower of Babble

Psychopathic Delirium

Cross Currents

Eternal Spring

Paleolithic Fragment

Broken Arm

Ice Skater

Sleeping Beauty

Load in the Pants

Feminine Mystique


Shifted Intuition

Burden of Strength

Balance of Power

Summer Swim

Ghost in the Machine

Simon, Leo, and Bart

Gallery View July 2010

Slide Show

The Big Red Fish

Frozen Earth

Mask of Inpenetrable Love

Bullet show, 9-11-2010

Bullet Show, 9-11-2010

Beaches of Normandy, Tangled Road

Beaches of Normandy and Otisville FEMA CAMP

Unwashed Massess Destroyed by the River of the Ruling Elite

Ghost Dream Floating Over the Gold Pool of Potential

Bombed Back to the Stone Age

Sheltering the Lies of War

Chalise of Diaspora

Shield of Unconscious Acquiescence

Otisville FEMA Camp Target Practice, Racially Motivated Intent to Kill

Hand Held Nuclear Device, 1984...."Oops I Dropped it"

Beaches of Normandy

Harvesting the Moon

Bullet Show Card Photo

Transparency of Lies

Big Bang II

The Welder

The Welder, Back Side

Beaches of Normandy

Beaches Close Up

Beaches Long View

The Case for Peace

Winged Migration

Flying the Ocean Conveyer

Collective Ego of the Unconscious Hero

Ghost Dream

Ride the Wave

Nest on a Stick

Ancient Technology

Test Weld I

Last Request

Suspended Timber

Eyes on Serra

Black Bear, Spirit Bear

Orbital Valence

Orbital Valence

Orbital Valence

Orbital Valence


Ghost in the Guillotine


Bike Rack

Spawning Estuary

Flying the Ocean Conveyor

Chthonic Void

Chthonic Void

End of Fossil Fuel

Chthonic Valence

Chthonic Fossil Group


Perpetual Drought

Panoma Gallery View 1

Panoma Gallery View 2

Shamanic Warrior Death

Swimming Alone


Trapped in the Renaissance

Mother and Child

Ship of Fools

bau 79, July 2011

bau 79

Bike Ride to Paris

Fighting the Wind


Mantis in Massachusetts

Ice Bowl

3rd Floor West Med Project

2nd Floor West Med Project

Mobile at West Med

Sushi at West Med

The Wave

Fast Approaching

Gates at the Void

Circling the Moon

Cascade 2

Falling Through Space

Cascade 1

Cascade Model

Ship of Fools


Lost at Sea

Bethel Woods Group 2012

Rising Sun

Wind Harp

Burning City

Unified Field

Inner Strength

Inner Strength

Ancestral Book

Ancient Wisdom

Ship of Fools

The Burden of Coming Home

Ripped from the Earth

Loss of Fear

Duchamp Goes Fishing


Fallen Angel


Chess Detail

Chess Detail

Chess in Light Snow

Dead Winter Bird

Ship of Fools

Ghost Ship

Inner Strength



Spring Spawn

Best Friends

Balance of Power

Steel Planter

Consequence of Influence


Elemental Frame


Floating Cloud

Bike Ride to Paris

Fallen Angel