Broken Barn, Broken Stick

Birdhouse City

Cantilever Construction

Calling to the Moon

Dancing on the Wind

Ancient Shaman




Woven Cage

Bended Knee, Broken Heart

Birdscape I

"Had Enough Yet?"

Burnt Cross, Black and White

Orb in snow

Orbs of Charcoal

Burnt Wood, Two long Pieces

Burnt wood, Three short pieces

Twin Towers

Palm Leaf

Seed Pod of a Palm

Bear Pelvis

Gallery Show June 06.

Star Burst

Tomlinson's Oaisis'

Large Rustic House

Animated Rustic Figure

The Wall, House

Nest on a Stick

Nest of Dried Fern

Rustic Arbor

"The Wright"

Summer Hay, Winter Loft


Lookout Vista

The Troop Falls In

Walking Woman


Prayer Pole

Walking Woman Leads

Broken Stick

Broken Barn

Cantilever Construction, close-up

Wall, Catchers Mitt, Carol Sewing Sail

Burnt Leaves

Table of Models


Nude Descending Staircase Wearing Cowboy Pants and Sporting Rust

Pigeons at the Nest

Woven Cage

BAU Opening 41

Icis at BAU, Opening Night

Spring Vortex

Another Friendship in the Toilet

Vortex with Color

Shamanic Shaker

Abandoned Nest

Rustic Triangulation

Birds and Bees, BAU 2008

Through the Looking Glass

Cantilever Construction at Garrison Library

Cantilever Construction at Garrison Landing

Star Burst at GAC, 2008

Cross Cut at Boscabell

Return of Nibiru

Slaughter of the Innocence

Feather Post Skull

Shamanic Debt to the Wandering Dead

Walking Woman Hunts

Following the Star

Horn Player

Dancing the Totem

Procession of the Dead

Nude Descention

Sacrifice of the Field

Procession of the Dying

Starburst Spring 2009

Starburst 2009

Cantilever Construction 3

Cantilever Construction 3

The Teepee, 2009

The Yurt, 2009

The Wright, 2009

Birdhouse Group, 2009

Peace Tree

Peace Tree, Holmes

Peace Messages

Peace Tree Exhibit Description

Black Hole

Shamanic Bell Shaker

Dancing Spinning, Weeping Burning

Burning Straw Experiment

Shaman's Totem

Beacon on Fire

Shaman's Totem

Cradling the Core

Lost Standing Timber

Lost Timber, Burning Hole

Burning Hole in the Sky

Burning Hole Close Up

Gallery Opening

Visiting Mom

Woven Cage, 2010

Robins Nest

Nest on Gate

Half Finished Gate

Semi Finished Gate

Woven Object

Birdhouse for Sally and Anthony

Carrying the Weight of the World

Thanksgiving Birdhouse


Extinction Event

Death of the Gulf

Stage Event Bethal Woods

Iced Tree

Bird House City at ROCA

Star Burst at ROCA

Lost Timber at Brook House Gallery

Lost Timber

Wreath 2010

Wreath Close Up

Art Prize

Art Prize

Bear Bones 1

Bear Bones 2

Bear Bones 3

Bear Bones 4

Zero Gravity

Rustic Fence

Spring Fledge

Picasso's Birdhouse with Calder's Perch

Burning Straw

Mass Murder

Lack of Oxygen

Forest Ghost

Standing in Opposition

Coming to Terms

Neolithic History

Neolithic History

Neolithic History

Neolithic History

Neolithic History

Neolithic History

Abstract Star

Three Sisters

Star Burst at Helen Day Art Center

Cantilever Construction IV

Patience of the Expectant Mother

Standing in Opposition


Inside Vortex

Donor Tree Project

Comet Elenin

Balance the Summit

Fox in the Hen House



Black Hole


Bird House Gate

Gate and Fence

Rustic Shelter

Bird House Gate



Cantilever V

Blackened Totem

Installing Star Burst at Hilton Head

Honey Horn Coastal Discovery Museum

Hilton Head SC

Star Burst at Coastal Museum SC

Sunset at Bethel Woods

Sun Set at Bethel Woods

Moth Man

Cradling the Core

Time Line to the Event Horizon

Time Line to the Event Horizon

Casting a Shadow

Casting a Shadow

Sun Shield

Big Red Sperm

3 Against 5

Spinning Fall

Space Between the Notes

Dishonor to Honor at the End of Summer

Burnt City

End of History

Why Bother


Winter 2012

Ancient Forest

Shadow People

Bowing to Honor

Blocking the Sun

Wrapped Bird

Woven Cornice

Stopping Time

Walking Woman

Bird House City



Fly Home

Woven Cage

The Wall

Apocalyptic Cart

Apocalyptic Cart

Hollowed Silver Maple

Summer 2013

Pond Deck

Stone Stairs