Half Moon Liquid Ice

Burning Branch

Ben Franklin

Yellow Moon Ice

Night Ice

Ice Tower

Iced Landscape

Ice World

Ice Girl

Floating Ice Disk

Ice Painting on Lake Greeley

Steel Ice Frame

Iced Ladder, Frozen Deer

Ice Wall in Progress

Ice Wall, VanAlstines Grounds

Ice Wall, Free Standing

Reaching Out

Melting Ice Girl


Ice Frame 2007

Iced Landscape

Forest of Ice

Three Ghosts

Lit Ice Close-Up

Night Ice

Winter Deer Spirit

Depths of the Frozen Ocean

Winter Glow

Ice Ring

Ice Wall

Ice Girl Landscape

Ice Girl

Iced Hour Glass Lantern

Iced Stone Centennial

Ice Spike

Purple Ice Frame

Ice Disk Embedded with River Stone

Ice Disk and Granite River Stone

Trapped Granite

Icis Feathers Embedded in Ice Disk

Ice World

Refraction of Green

Flightless Ice

Frozen Blue Tide


Rising Moon

Ocean World

Clearing Sky

Crystal Sky


Return of Spring

Lunar Eclipse

Finding the Ovum

Solar Flare

Purple Vein

Frozen Planet

Purple Moon

Ocean Strata

Winter Rose

Bleeding Heart

The Ghost

Deep Sea I

Equal Forces

Deep Sea II

Iced Husband, Lonely Child

Distant Thunder

Frozen Shatter

Broken Heart

Static Forces



Frozen Orange Juice, no cup

Strong Man

Linear Intersection

Father and Daughter

White Owl Spirit

Struggling to Survive

Battle for Dominance

Empty Promise

River of Light

Life Force

Harvest Moon

Frozen Spring

Waiting for Warmth

Bronze Honey Ice

Echo Impact

Coded Secret


Platinum Ice

Black Forest

Gate Keeper

Wandering Spirits

Sugar Daddy

Abstract 19

Black Ink

Golden Phallus

Lavender Fern

Liquid Chardonnay

Vengeance of a Coward

Abstract Crystals

Frozen Foot Print, Lasting Impression

Iced Cow Skull

Morning Build-Up

Ice Lines

Europa Rising

Full Moon Rising

Red Giant


Crown at Lacroix

Aboriginal Ghost



Blood Line

Trapped in the Burning Sea

Deep Space


Evil Intent

End of the Trail

Distant Memory

Birth of the Cosmos

Earth Horizon

Molten Wave

Intimate Encounter

Tidal Forces

Star Dust

Trapped Atmosphere

Orbiting Singularity

Quarter Moon

Pierced Astroid

Pelagic Bird

Extinction of the Rat

Frozen Veil

Gravity Wave

Ocean Decent


Eclipsing the Sun

iMan's Icy Halo

Thinking Ice


iMan's Icy Relationship

Frozen Sphere


Linear Abstract 912

Linear Abstract 913

Cobalt River

Cobalt Tide

Cobalt Current

Cobalt Expansion

Crown Jewel



Landing Site

Rising Scyphozoa

Beginning of the New Age

End of the New Age

Birth of the Next Age

Winter Bloom

Equatorial Edge of Infinity

Blue Rain

Crystalline Lava

After David Bush

Spine of the Turtle

Sun Chariot

Lattice of Life

Gates of Hell

Hollow Earth

Golden Wing of the Fly

Golden Wing 2

Frozen Fire

Tunnel of Light

Viral Inception

Crystalline Palace

Aboriginal Dream

Reptilian Ascent

Continental Rift


Rain of Blood

Magnetic Flux

Arctic Vortex

Paleolithic Symbology

Biology of the Synapse

Genetic Response

Neurons of Light

Leaving the Cell

Great Barrier

Coastal Waters

Galactic Plane

Solar Event Horizon

Dorsal Fin

South Pacific

Liquid Coral

Ocean Rise

Equatorial Center

Leaving the Solar System

Gravity Induced Lie

Molec the Owl God

Phases of the Moon

Galactic Storm


Super Nova


Lost World

Ice Vessel

Ice Vessel Removed

Wave of Passion

Loss of Innocence

Inside Infinity

Paleolithic Dream

Burning Hole in the Sky


Lack of Symmetry

Broken Moon

Black Ice Abstract 1

Black Ice Abstract 2

Black Ice Abstract 3

Black Ice Abstract 4

Frigid Sunrise

Moon Shadow

Blue Magic

Crossing the Frozen Plane

Draining the Delta

Waiting Under the Sea

Heart of the Soul

Forgotten Dreamscape

Geometry of Time

Intersection of the Moment

Measures of Time

Stratospheric Wake

Integration of the Heart

Tidal Estuary

Amazonian Tributary

Leaving the Atmosphere

Rings of Saturn

Eye of the Storm

Transparency of Emotions

Trapped Behind the Glass

Spectrum of Possibilities

Flashes of Insight

Birth of Ethos

Symbolic Language

Ice Horizon

Hope for the Future

Shards of Disgrace

False Hope


Flight to the Mayan Angel

Cast Upon the Waves

Ancient City

Iced Fence 1

Iced Fence 2

Iced Fence 3

Iced Fence 4

Fissure of Conscience

Birth of a Frozen Star


Oily Cows

Expanding Singularity

Subtlety of Love

Passion of Exstemes

Star Child

Path to the Ocean Floor

Jupiter Moon Rise

Language of Sumer

Equilibrium of Time

Commitment of the Mind

Dream Dancer

Skating on the Cosmos

Abandon the Future

The Strong Force

Weightles Ascent

The Weak Force

Winter 2009

Solar Storm


Ancient Wisdom

Floating Sea of Light

Weightless Ascent

Medieval Journey

Gate Keeper

Primordial Multiverse

Cosmic River

Shamans Dream Mask

Earth Orbit

Gravity Wave

Wandering Subconscious

Child's Dream of the Cosmos

Lost Generation

Dream of the Buffalo

Missing Link

Language of Truth

Wisdom and Grace

Marriage of Convenience

Spirit of Crazy Horse

Permission to Refuse

The Skin of Time

Flood of Expectations

Mars Horizon

Mechanics of Space

Eye of the Storm

Galactic Plane

Evidence of Light

Social Struture

Relativity of Space

Frozen in Time

Hidden Meaning

Open Question

Guarantee of Peace

Frozen Spring

Slumbering Bear

Waking Intention

Red Giant Sleeps

Solar Collision

Escaping Freedom

Indian Morning

Just After Midnight

Totem Ghost

Ice Spike



Waves of Light

First Night Spray

Morning Sunrise

Moonless Spray

Evening Visitors

Frozen Skater

Frozen Sphere of the I Man

Frozen Technology

Asymmetrical Psychopath

Frozen Cocktail

Galactic Core


Night Ghost

Alien Ice Figure

Alien Up Close



Ice Tower, 2010

Ice Ball

Melting Ice Ball, 2010

Studio, Winter 2010

Frozen Trash

Trail of Tears

Severed Past

Suspending a Skin of Time

Ice Bifurcate


Crushed Track



Moon Walker Iced

Garrison Art Center

Scavenged Ice

Ice Tower


Ice Tower

Building Ice

Sprayed Steel I

Sprayed Steel II

Melting Ice Show I

Melting Ice Show II

Icy Kiss



Dark Side of the Moon

Ice Dancer of New York

Ice Dancer of New York

Ice Dancer of New York

Ice Dancer of New York

Beacon Banner Project


Frozen Flowers

Frozen Flowers

Liquid Sphere

Empty Sphere

Frozen Fall

Frozen Fall, Top View

Corporate Indulgence

Corporate Crony


Symmetric Collusion

Sushi Bar

Winter Equinox

Caribbean Freeze

Subtropical Meridian

Bethal Woods


Bethat Woods

Childs Dream of the War

Loneliness of Persistence

Inability to Compromise

Challenge of Authority

Challenge Close-Up

Frozen Fall 1

Frozen Fall 2

Frozen Fall 3

Frozen Fall 4

Monumental Ice 20011

Monumental Ice 20011

Monumental Ice 20011

Monumental Ice 20011

Monumental Night Ice 20011

Broken Ground Snow

Broken Ground Snow

Frozen Cable

Birth of a Gallaxy

Multiverse in Red

Broken Track

Framed Ice

Melting Ice Sphere

Ice Sphere

Monumental Ice Van Alstines

Monumental Ice Mountain


Void in the Vortices

Lightning Strike

Facade of the Mime

Ice Lattice

Spring Stream Melt

Synaptic Flow

Sacred Cow

Blink of an Eye

Burning Man

Blinded Dog

Listening to Thunder

Winter Dream

Flat Fish

Eagles' Rise

Roman Illusion

Heart of the Gulf

Sinking into the Sheen

Moon Light Slick

Gulf Bio Attack

Birth of the Salient Child

Amniotic Earth

Open Heart

Longing Beat of the Night

Rise of Devision

Insanity Complex

Exiting the Black Hole

Breathing Life Into Stone

Three Sisters


Approaching Absolute Zero

Solar Eclipse

Failed State

False Mask

Sleeping Late

Ghost Horse

Twilight Blue

Gulf Moon

Ascent of Spring

Lost in the Cube

One World

Expression of Expansion

Expression Detail

Depth of Color

Frozen Time

Moth Man

Lost Lady

Broken Back of the Turtle

Crossing the Threshold

Shaman's Dream

Sun Ra

Skin of Time

Tiger Skin

Reflecting Uranus


Devoid of Gravity

Fire Storm

Empty Heart Floating in the Mist

Half Empty Heart

Just out of the Mould

Birth of an Ocean

Rising Expectations

Beneath the Arctic Waves

Personality Disorder

Ice Bowl

Ice Bowl NYC

Ice Bowl NYC

Ice Bowl Close-Up

Glory Hole

Reflection of a Childhood Memory