Sound Sculpture


Metal Tree

Hanging Metal

Small Thunder Sheet

Key Chime, Cymbal

Tom Holmes

Tom Moonan

Moonan Negative

Close-up metal tree

"What Was I Thinking" set-up

Puppet Heads

Moonan Performs

Tom Holmes Bows a Cymbal

Full Moon Rising Stage

Bird Man

Opening Act II

Lyre and Acoustic Bermbau

Tomlinson Listens

Penny Whistler


Shaker Time

Discovering the Wiggly Stick

What Finger? Whose Finger?

Bubble Wand or Drum Sticks?

Father and Daughter

Daria Crinckles

I Remember

The Epic Tale

Inspiration and Insight

Cows at Saunder's Farm

Lyre 1

Lyre 2

Shamanic Shaker Jig